Konopizza. The Story

Started in 2002 as a result of a brilliant creative idea by the Master of Culinary Art – Rossano Boscolo, from 2003 onwards KonoPizza created a catering concern equipped with all the services needed to open and manage points of sale. A unique project of its kind, the ‘Pizza da Passeggio’ (walkaway pizza) in the form of a cone, is the result of advanced studies and research both of a culinary nature and in terms of technological innovation.

Immediately at the presentation of the KonoPizza idea at the Triennial Exhibition in Milan in April 2004, the project proved highly successful and enjoyed rapid growth leading to the opening of numerous points of sale both in Italy and abroad right from the first year and subsequently continuous, constant growth.

The company Konopizza.com Srl is part of the Holding Pikono Srl. Pikono is under the control of Rossano Boscolo, as its president and managing director, and is consolidated by the Boscolo Group S.p.A.

The main objective of Konopizza.com Srl is to expand the Kono project under Partnership formulas. From the analysis of the presented location, till the training of staff about technical, commercial and management, Konopizza.com Srl, provides effective back-up to those who, even if entering the world of catering for the first time, wish to invest in a profitable business.

The KonoPizza trademark, in the continuum of the history of the Pizza, the symbol of Made in Italy worldwide, offers an incredible opportunity for success to all those who want to take advantage of a ‘real business opportunity’.

Don’t trust imitations…
The original is only Konopizza!